Nelson Ledges University

Nelson Ledges is proud to be initiating “Nelson Ledges University” as an all encompassing school of Motor Sports Technology, Engineering, Experiential Learning, Business, and Economic Development. In conjunction with a variety of partners the University umbrella will cover a diverse selection of classes, technical seminars, training, and personal development including driving and riding schools, police pursuit, and car control clinics, teen driving schools and racing schools. If you or your group or organization are interested in sponsoring, developing or directing a Motor Sports related training program or research project, contact us to discuss how we can work together to make it a reality. In addition to training and education, we are excited to discuss any product development and testing, business development or other economic activity that would fit within the concept of Nelson Ledges University. Visit this site often in the future for more information on this exciting new program being developed by Nelson Ledges President, Scott Lane.